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In-Home Moving Services

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In-Home Moving Services 


Need to rearrange furniture in our own home or at the office? We can get the job done! Here are some examples of when and where we can help:

   REMODELING PROJECTS – Let us move your furniture out of the rooms and spaces being remodeled so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. We’ll make sure that your furniture is covered and protected so it stays in the best condition possible while the
remodel is taking place.

   REDECORATING – Want to move the couch to a different room and rearrange other pieces? We are happy to help make the moves and save you the tough labor. We will make a clear plan with you and help you make your vision a reality.


   SPECIAL EVENTS – Hosting a big holiday party or special happening at your house or office? Call us now to schedule a furniture move before and after the event to create the space you need to celebrate!


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