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Where to Find Moving Boxes Colorado SpringsWhere to Find Moving Boxes in Colorado Springs

When you are in the process of moving there are a lot of things that you have to prioritize. Finding professional movers, packing up your home, finding a new apartment/home, the list going on and on.
At Box Pack N Move we understand the stress of moving to a new home and are here to take some of that stress off you. We offer services in fragile packing, cross country moves, commercial moving & much more. Today, though, we are here to focus on helping you pack up your home with our list on where to find moving boxes in Colorado Springs.

1. Packing Service Companies

One of the easiest ways to get your moving boxes & other moving supplies is to have professional packing services and have them supply everything they need to pack up your home. At Box Pack N Move when we work with our customers we supply them with the moving boxes, packing tape, and pack insulation for fragile items. When working with moving professionals who are insured, you have the peace of mind that your valuables are protected.

2. Find Packing Boxes Online

There are any number of websites that you can order packing supplies from. There are many large e-stores like Amazon, Ebay, Best Price Boxes, and so many more. Our advice on picking moving supplies from online retailers would be do your research on the reviews, cheap doesn’t mean better. If you are looking to try and get moving boxes for free online, what is up next should be right for you.

3. Free Moving Boxes Online

If you are looking to move on a budget in Colorado Springs we suggest looking at Facebook MarketPlace, Community Fan pages, Craig’s List or Reddit Community pages. These communities will sometimes have people who just moved loving to get rid of packing boxes after they are moved in or you can even request some ground to see if there are families with extra supplies! Do be aware that there are scams out there so make sure to do your research and if a deal or interaction doesn’t feel right,  walk away and look for your packing supplies elsewhere.

4. Free Colorado Springs Moving Boxes

Most box stores (pun intended) will most likely have almost all the supplies for moving you will need. The key to getting them for free is to know that most everything that they sell comes in a box. If you find a nice employee or manager you can probably convince them to give you a few free moving boxes.

5. Purchase Moving Boxes in Colorado Springs

While getting free supplies sounds great it isn’t always the dream you thought it was. Boxes are ruined, you don’t get as many as you need, the nightmare can keep spiraling. One way to avoid the headache is to buy all the supplies that you need. We suggest sticking to the moving specific stores like UHAUL. These stores will have all the sizes, amounts, and other moving supplies to go along to help pack up your home.


Now that you have ideas on where to find your packing and moving boxes & supplies, don’t forget to take inventory of what supplies and size boxes you might need. Look for our must see guide on packing and moving supplies you need.


If you want to speak to a professional. Call us at (720) 258-5455 to talk to the moving professionals. Our team will help you find the moving or packing services that you might need. We can also point you in the right direction to help get your move off to a smooth start. Contact us and schedule you professional movers.