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At BOX PACK N Move we offer the best long-distance shipping services and seamless shipping. We will help you plan your move and transport your belongingLong Distance Movers Colorado Springsto your awaited destination. If you are looking for full service home packing combined with long distance movers we are the perfect company. Our company cares as much about your belongings from A to B as if they were are own. During our interstate transport we stay in constant communication to reach us at any moment to verify the exact location of your belongings as well as the delivery time.

Colorado Springs Long Distance Moving

We don’t combine shipments or stagger moves. Each customer is our top priority. Our passion is to be one of America’s top long-distance moving companies. During the planning period we will work on an estimate during an on-site estimate for your interstate shipment. This allows us to determine what supplies are needed to properly package your items for shipment. This allows us to determine how much truck space and how many people are needed to complete the task.

Preparation for an Easy Interstate Move

Long-distance movers will prepare all your belongings to ensure they arrive at your new residence in the same condition as when you left them. Preparing your items involves the disassembly and organization of furniture and items to make them safe and ready for moving. A free quote from a moving company can be a great way to prepare for your long-distance move.

Long Distance Moving & Packing Services

It is important to properly package your items when interstate moving. You want to ensure that your items do not fall or bounce when they travel via roads for hundreds of miles or more. It can be difficult to manage long-distance moving with all of the variables so out fist step is to make sure your belongings are wrapped in shrink wrap and protected with padding. Proper technique, as well as professional moving supplies like boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap, along with packing tape, will guarantee a smooth moving experience.  All of our clients will receive high-quality packing services from our long-distance movers.

Our long-distance movers are skilled and efficient. They will make your move easier by combining care with efficiency so that you can rest assured that everything is in good hands.

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Loading & Unloading Services Long Distance

If the steps above were followed, unloading should be quick and simple. You can only unload one or more items at a given time, and the vehicle will remain empty. Once you’re settled in your new home, you can start unpacking your belongings. If you followed our advice, congratulations! Congratulations!

Don’t let it go to chance! Get a professional! The most common cause of damage is usually during the ride. If the truck shifts or the items rub against one another, or if something falls on another person’s back due to poor packing.

To ensure your belongings are adequately padded and wrapped, we recommend renting 1.5-2 pads per item. We can help you with a reliable and affordable service to your final destination so that your unloading at your new home in your new state is done.

We would be sorry to see you leave, but we are happy to assist you in your move. Learn more about us online and see our reviews.

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