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If there is one thing that worries everyone when moving, it is how to pack delicate items. We usually take extra precautions to ensure that those things get transported without cracking, breaking, or losing their natural attributes. 

In truth, packing fragile items requires extra care every time because of the fear of losing them. While some people have succeeded in creating the perfect hacks to pack their delicate items, others end up picking up their pieces when unpacking.

If you fall in the latter group, you are about to discover the hacks to packing delicate items safely. We have compiled proven tips to help you stop that from happening again in this article. Read on to find out with professional fragile packers are for you. 

Fragile Packing Process

If it has been an impossible task to move delicate things without damaging them, the tips below will change that experience;

Layer the bottom of the packing box with a soft material

Adding soft materials like foam, bubble wrap, packing paper, towels, and others help to prevent the item from sitting on a hard surface. It also fills the space and ensures limited or no movement when moving the stuff.

Use extra tape on the box’s base

That helps you secure the bottom of the packing box and prevent the delicate item from falling through when moving it around.

Arrange large and heavy items first

When arranging your things, ensure that the weighty ones come first, then the medium and small. That will ensure that the small items don’t get crushed along the line.

Use dividers when packing glassware

Arranging breakable items like your mugs and bowls in one place require you to prevent them from colliding with the others. Cardboard dividers are inexpensive packing materials that will help you achieve that.

Use sturdy boxes

Do not pack your stuff in weak boxes, especially not your delicate items. That will cause you to lose more than even the fragile things. Ensure you use firm and thick packing boxes instead to keep your items safe.

Use packing papers to fill hollow items

Delicate stuff with holes, like cups, bowls, and jars, should not be packed without filling them with packing papers. That will help limit the vibration and prevent breakage.

Secure small items in packing papers

When packing small stuff, you should separate them. Wrap each item on packing paper, secure it with enough tape, and arrange everything in a small box. Avoid placing small items with or in between the large objects.

Engage a professional packing service

Moving and packing companies have vast experience packing all kinds of stuff, from delicate and small to large and weighty. They know just how to secure and transport your fragile items without losing them. That costs you extra but prevents stress, damaged properties, and speedy packing.

Fragile Packing professionals in Falcon, Black Forest & Peyton CO

If you are thinking of moving those are the tips that the pros use that are proven ways to stop smashing, cracking, or damaging your fragile items when packing, moving, and unpacking. You can now secure and move your delicate items without worry.

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