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Fragile Packing Services

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Fragile Packing Services 


Nothing is more frustrating than opening a box after a move, and seeing your family
heirlooms broken because they weren’t packed properly! At Box, Pack n Move we take extra special care to pack your delicate items with the proper materials to protect them in the best way possible.

Here are tricks of the trade that we use as moving specialists to pack fragile items:

    USE PAPER FOR PADDING: Place items in the box filling up the bottom. Place packing paper between each item. The goal is to make sure the items can’t move when the box does. If there is still space in the box, use newsprint for filler then place fragile items in the box following the same concept, putting paper between each item creating a cushion between the items
on the bottom and the top so that they don’t have contact with each other.

   LIGHTER FRAGILE ITEMS can be wrapped with paper and bubble wrap

   USE DISH AND GLASS PACKS (They can be ordered with different corrugated cardboard dividers and configurations) – mini dish packs and tall dish packs can be used to make sure your breakable items arrive safely

   HAVE US DO IT FOR YOU! The safest way to ensure your items arrive safely is to have us handle boxing and packing your fragile items so you can rest easy!

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