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Large items like gun safes, pianos, extra heavy and oversized furniture, hot tubs, large appliances like a refrigerator, and exercise equipment require special handling and a specialty move.


    Special equipment such as the proper dolly for a gun safe or proper straps for a large appliance

    A truck with a lift-gate that can support the weight

    Proper protection of the item and the surroundings such as the floors, walls, door frames, etc

    Tools needed for assembly

    Number of movers needed for the job depending on how heavy and bulky the items are

If we can’t lift it or move it, we’ll set you up with one of our industry partners to get the job done.

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The cost of a specialty move depends on the items being moved, their weight, the difficulty of transporting them, the type of equipment needed to move them, assembly or dis-assembly needed, the number of movers on the project, any obstacles in the path such as stairs inside and outside of the house, tight corners, elevators, and the required time. We also factor in extra padding, protection for the floors in the home and what is needed to complete the move at the drop-off location. Call us for an estimate: 720-258-5455.