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Gun Safe Moving Services

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Gun Safe Moving Services 


Box Pack ‘n Move is one of the few moving companies that has the capability to handle moving a gun safe so you can rest easy. We know how to handle a specialized move of large and heavy items like a gun safe and are equipped to do so.

    WE CAN HANDLE THE HEAVING LIFTING: Our liftgate on the truck can handle up to 3,000 pounds. Not sure how heavy your safe is? Tell us the model and we will find out the details.

    SPECIAL MOVING EQUIPMENT: We have special straps and dollies to safely move really heavy items, including extra padding and wrapping, making sure that nothing is damaged during the process.

    How do I prepare? Just call us and we will come evaluate if we can move it safely. If not, we’ll help find a solution and provide a trusted referral partner.

Moving a heavy safe can be a daunting task, especially if youre not used to handling large and bulky items.

But dont worry with the Box Pack ‘n Move the only preparation you need is to hire us. We have the experience and the right tools that make sure that the job is done safely and efficiently. 

Contact us today to learn more about our gun safe moving services.

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