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Moving companies, like Box Pack N Move, exist to help us ease the stress of relocating whether in our homes or offices. They help transport our furniture pieces, household items, electronics, and other properties safely and professionally in no time. However, there are some moving services that those firms cannot offer.

Sometimes, hiring professional movers is need to move highly valued and bulky equipment during relocation and require special intervention. That is where specialized moving services come into play. They focus on moving properties that you cannot transport using regular relocation firms. They will assist in moving your large household items, appliances, furniture pieces, and valuables safely.

What exactly do specialty movers do, and when should you hire them? Read on to learn more about specialized moving services in this quick read.

Colorado Springs Specialized Moving

Exercise Equipment Movers in Colorado Springs

As the term implies, specialized movers offer special moving services. They have the capacity of packing and transporting items that your regular moving companies cannot execute. They have the correct packing and moving equipment needed to move non-conventional items.

Specialized moving services usually take longer to plan than standard relocations. They have to ensure that everything needed is in place since most of those items are delicate. Like other moving companies, they need to take inventory first and ascertain that there is suitable equipment to move the available items.

Specialized moving firms have more advanced relocating vehicles than regular firms. All those automobiles allow the safe moving of items, like a large base of computers, oversized equipment, laboratory facilities, museums, and non-conventional items.

When should you hire specialized service movers?

Commercial moving & large office equipment with computers

Hiring a specialized mover is the best if you operate an IT center and wish to move your business. You cannot move the computers with a regular moving firm without suffering some loss. The reason is that they do not have the correct transport system. Specialized moving companies have everything it takes and the experience to complete the tasks.

Specialized Moving Services Denver

Expensive Family Heirlooms

If it is an important family heirloom like a Grand Daddy Piano or a Grandfather clock it is best to stick with caution. Moving items like these is important to minimize the risk of damage. Damaging items like these could cost you a fortune to get fixed or replaced. Worse than that it could be damaged beyond repair and that family heirloom is lost forever.  However, a specialized moving company comes with extra security and care. They will successfully transport every item without damaging or losing any.

Large & Expensive Furniture

Piano Movers in Colorado Springs

When it come to moving awkward furniture like workout equipment or expensive & awkward furniture like couches, large dinning buffet or an awkward shaped piano make it easy on yourself & hire professional moves. Moving heaving furniture and items yourself can lead to expensive drops and damages that could be prevented. Hiring movers eliminates the stress of  having to move & worry about the items that 

Relocating Long Distances

When moving long distances it is important to insure that your items are going to be safe on your move. When you are traveling and moving items during a long haul it only increases the chances of something moving or getting lose during your travels. A Long distance mover will insure that items are bound & packed away so no items will be damaged  and show up in one piece to your new home. 


Are you planning to move non-conventional items such as the above in Colorado Springs or Falcon CO? Ensure you engage a specialized mover for safe transportation and professional execution. 

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The cost of hiring specialized movers will vary depending on what you are going to move, the services you need, and the required time. Generally speaking, the more time and services you need, the more expensive it will be. For items such as family heirlooms, grand pianos & expensive furniture that will need extra padding & care & that move will need much more expertise. 

For moves like awkward furniture or large workout equipment tend to be less involved and quicker, so these moves won’t cost you as much.